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Glossary of Icons and Symbols


An amulet (Latin: amuletum) can be any object but its most important characteristic is its alleged power to protect its owner from danger or harm. Brahma (four-faced Buddha) amulets – for peace, family, wealth, all encompassing wisdom in decisions about life. Phra Pid Ta – the monk that covers his eyes – for protection from evil spirits, influences, and for wealth.

Angel Wing

A symbol of protection. They can also be a symbol of good luck, or symbolize hope, enlightenment, guidance and protection.


It represents the concept of eternal life.


Means "the enlightened one" or one who suppresses karma.

A famous quote from Buddha is “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Happy Buddha

The fat happy Buddha is not actually a Buddha – he is a Chinese Buddhist Monk called Budai. He represents contentment and is often shown smiling and laughing. He brings the wearer good fortune.

Buffalo Head

Represents lifelong protection from the elements or a reverence for life as a whole.

Big Chief

The Native Chiefs would give their lives to protect loved ones. He represents Protection, strength, bravery and wisdom.

Circle of Life

Can be defined as nature's way of taking and giving back life to the earth. It symbolises the universe being sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.


In Christianity, the cross is the intersection of God’s love and His justice.

It may be seen as a division of the world into four elements (Chevalier, 1997) or cardinal points, or alternately as the union of the concepts of divinity, the vertical line, and the world, the horizontal line (Koch, 1955). A symbol of faith and protection.


Being a defector involves abandoning a person, cause or doctrine to which one is bound by some tie, as of allegiance or duty.

Dorge Sceptre

Spiritually, the dorge is a symbol of wisdom that when crossed forms a sceptre - a symbol of protection.


In the Orient, dragons are associated with wisdom and longevity.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is a malevolent look that many cultures believe able to cause injury or misfortune for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes". It is prevalent among many cultures and faiths.


Represents freedom, courage and the strong force within you.

Fleur de Lis

Literally flower of the lily. The fleur-de-lis is a reflection of light and life and also represents power and strength.


Ganesha / Ganesh – the Hindu elephant god of obstacles – both placing and eliminating them. This is for art, luck, and harmony in life. Having a good life, smooth, without complications.

Good Luck Horn

The Cornicello or good luck horn is an Italian amulet of good luck used to protect the wearer from the evil-eye curse.

Hamsa Hand

A universal symbol of protection in many faiths. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. The symbol predates Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It also represents blessings, power, and strength.

Hand of Buddha

The 5th Buddha hand Gesture is the Varada mudra, which expresses the energy of compassion, sincerity and an offering of acceptance.


The mysterious stone figures known as inuksuit can be found throughout the circumpolar world. Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."


Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.


A geometric figure representing a microcosm of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means "circle".  A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities.


The universal vibration that connects all living things.

A mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts. Repetition of "Om" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding.

The vibration of the Universe. 
Existence is vibration. 
Atoms vibrate to exist.


Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. mental calm; serenity.

There are many symbols for peace: the dove, the olive branch, the v-shaped hand gesture. The "peace sign", as it is known today, was designed as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Prayer Wheel

A revolving cylinder inscribed with or containing prayers, a revolution of which symbolizes the repetition of a prayer, used by Tibetan Buddhists.


Represents a shining light, love and new starts in life and attracts money.


A representation of mortality. Live life to the fullest!


Native Americans the Haida picked the starfish as an emblem because they observed it to be super-strong. Its ability to crack into a mussel shell proved great strength. Haida also connected longevity with starfish meaning. They observed the starfish ability to regenerate, and deemed the starfish to be immortal.

In Roman mythology, the starfish is a symbol of the love goddess Venus. Venus and the starfish make a symbolic duo of love, sensitivity, emotion, and physical wholeness. In addition to love, the starfish also holds characteristics such as guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition.

Strength, Patience, Healing, Longevity and Resourcefulness.


A tassel is meant to sweep away negativity

Tree of Life

A common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. The tree of life, connects all forms of creation. Can also be a symbol of fertility.

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